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Bentwood Components. Custom Bendings. Edge Bands. Table Skirts. Chair Backs and Bench Bow Backs. Rocker Runners. Wood Slats. Wood Splats.

At Sawyer Bentwood, we welcome requests for custom steam bending orders. We can accommodate orders ranging from one bend to thousands.

We welcome inquiries regarding specific materials and patterns and will use our expertise to provide the bentwood product that you need.

In addition to custom orders, we offer the following bentwood items in a variety of shapes and sizes:

~ Bowbacks - Bowbacks are the back hoop bent wood component of a windsor chair.


~ Aprons - Also known as a table skirt, a table apron is a bent wood panel that connects the surface and legs of a table.
                   Hardwood aprons can also be used on the bottoms of cabinets and chests.


~ Edge bands - Edge bands go around the edge of a table or counter-top to provide a smooth solid wood finish.


~ Compounds - Compounds are pieces of bent wood that are bent in more than one direction.


~ Rocker runners - Rocker runners are parallel pieces of solid wood at the bottom of a rocking chair.


~ Slats - Slats are bent wood components that connect the two backposts of a chair.


~ Crowns - These solid wood pieces rest on the top of the backposts of a chair.

"​I can always count on Sawyer Bentwood to provide me with the highest quality bentwood parts."

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