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Sawyer Bentwood, Experts in Steam Bending Wood

Sawyer Bentwood is one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of bent

wood parts. With over 200 years of experience, we are the experts in steam bending wood.

At Sawyer Bentwood, we believe our bentwood parts meet or exceed the highest standards of the industry. We have an experienced team of over 20 employees and a 100,000 board foot kiln capacity. We ship our solid wood bentwood products to all 50 states and internationally.​

Producers of: Bentwood Components. Custom Bendings. Edge Bands. Table Skirts. Chair Backs and Bench Bow Backs. Rocker​ Runners. Wood Slats. Wood Splats.

Sawyer Bentwood - Bending Wood, Experts in Steam Bending Wood.

Our Process for Steam Bending Wood

Today, Sawyer Bentwood specializes in steam bending wood to manufacture a large variety of hardwood products using our special steam bending technique.

Our proprietary system ensures:

Uniformity, Quality & Consistency

Quality Bendings,

       Countless Applications​

At Sawyer Bentwood, we use a one-of-a-kind technique for steam bending wood to ensure quality and consistency. We manufacture specialized hardwood furniture components including edge bands, table aprons, chair backs, rocker runners, slats and bow backs using our unique method for steam bending wood. We also make hardwood parts for musical instruments, canoes, kitchen cabinets, kitchen utensils, tool handles and more.

​Our Commitment to the Environment

Sawyer Bentwood is doing its part to preserve and protect our planet. We are committed to reducing wood and water waste; we work in partnership with local businesses to help reduce our collective ecological footprint.

"We have been working with Sawyer Bentwood since 2005 on all sorts of products. They have an incredible ability to bend wood, sometimes in the most complex ways. Consistency and reliability is key, components always meet tolerance and we can machine and assemble them in confidence."

- T.C.   

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